Connections Youth Resource Centre

Connections Youth Resource Centre provides a place for youth to
connect with resources, learn new skills, volunteer in their
community, make a difference, explore career and school options,
participate in fun activities and receive help when they need it.

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Pathways Aboriginal Centre

Pathways provides a place where Aboriginal children, youth,
parents, caregivers and families can explore their culture, learn,
connect, participate in fun activities and receive support in their

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Out of School Programs and Support

We operate a number of out of school camps, before and after school
care programs, homework clubs and other fun and learning  based
activities. Check out our programs to find out more and see if there is an
activity, camp or program near you. We also offer camps and homework
clubs for Aboriginal children through our Pathways Aboriginal Centre.

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Seniors Programs and Activities

An after-school activity clubs offered at several locations where
multiple generations (kids, teens and adults) get together to
support kids to learn, gain confidence and have fun.

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Generations Homework Club

An after-school activity where multiple generations
(children, teenagers, and adults) get together to help
mentor children with their homework.

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United for Refugees

Help refugees of the Syrian crisis settle
in the Lower Mainland.
Give today.

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Youth Works

The program helps youth from or in
foster care between the ages of 16–29 in
Greater Vancouver area with employment
and/or educational goals.

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Roots to Grow

Aboriginal Child, Youth and
Family Program
– Roots to Grow

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Our Clients Say

We knew we wanted to make a difference in our community. It was great that Connections sat down with us, explored our priorities and what we were looking to achieve. After our discussion we decided that we wanted to support the Aboriginal child and family programs. We were so happy with the work they did and our staff had a chance to join in on some of the cultural activities!
The Job Options program has been informative and incredible valuable. Through the interactive workshops, I was able to find weaknesses in my interview skills, and I learned how to write the most effective and attractive resume and cover letter.
Job Options BC Client
The After School Kids’ Club has been a good opportunity and a great experience for
our family. We are very grateful for the program. Staff are
empathetic, professional and great with the children.
Parent of Child in our Care
My son’s speech and language has improved. Thank you for spending time with him and reading to him.
Parent of Child in our Care
The Job Options program helped me to begin building a professional network. I learned how to market myself, and I also learned that I have many transferable skills. Learning how to conduct myself during an interview, as well, has been helpful. The staff were professional, organized, and very easy to work with!
Job Options BC client

Community Says

We have been a corporate partner with Connections for over 3 years. The work they do has been amazing, and we are always kept informed on the work they do and how our support makes a difference. Last year we were able to attend a stay in school awards ceremony and meet with over 30 kids that were helped by our funding and have stayed in school and have big plans for their future!
Management, Company in Richmond, BC
We are pleased to be working alongside committed individuals who take pride in their work and put their clients’ needs first.
Community Employment Partner

Success Stories

A child had been expressing low self esteem by saying things like “nobody
likes me” , “I am bullied”, “kids make fun of me”, “kids think I’m dumb”, “no one
wants to play with me”. She was nervous and often worried. After empowering her, putting her in a leadership position, building her self esteem, and allowing her to express herself, she is much calmer, often laughing and playing with others. She now enjoys coming to the Kids’ Club and seeing her friends.
Child in Before and After School Care
A child was initially very anxious, often displaying anger and having meltdowns.
He didn’t like to play with anyone. He spent a lot of time making games and
crafting in isolation. He would scream and often run out of the room if anyone touched
his things. Yelling ‘don’t touch my stuff!’ He would cry and drop to the floor.

We found that putting him in a leadership position and encouraging him to
show others how he made things really empowered him. Now he not only shows others how he made things but engages in playing his new creations with them. He also gives the projects to others to take home. He has made a huge change in his behavior. He is happy, calm, patient, inquisitive, helpful , kind and social– and now other children can enjoy his company.

Child in our Before and After School Care
One client in our Employment Program began the year being very reserved and shy during interviews. Though they were not native English speakers, they were eager to be involved in the class discussion and to improve their English speaking skills. After some coaching, learning, and group activities, a few short months later, the increase in confidence was undeniable. The client is now employed and providing for their family!

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