Our Mission

The mission of Connections Community Services is to be a leading provider of programs and services that are responsive to the diverse needs of children, youth and families.

Our Goal

We will work towards a better tomorrow by connecting our community and supporting our children, youth and families to thrive and reach for their dreams.

Our History

CCS is a community and recognized charitable organization that was started in 1974 by a group of committed and passionate young people with the help of a United Way grant. Our organization began under the name of Richmond Youth Service Agency with the goal of making sure that youth in our community received the support, resources and opportunities they needed to succeed and achieve their dreams. This has evolved during the past 40 years to work with children, parents, families, seniors, new immigrants and specialized populations. For more than 40 years, our organization has evolved and grown along with our community into who we are today. Today CCS works with our community to make certain that children, youth and families in Richmond thrive and are given every opportunity to succeed today and tomorrow. We know that no individual stands alone and that together working as a community we can ensure that each individual can work towards a better tomorrow.

Our Programs

We offer a number of services and programs in Richmond including: counseling for children and youth in partnership with the Richmond School District and Richmond Health Services, the only youth centre in Richmond, after school programs, volunteer and leadership opportunities, fun activities and recreation, special events and celebrations, cultural awareness activities, health and wellness supports and an Aboriginal Centre that supports the needs of local Aboriginal children, youth and families and programs for specialized groups such as new immigrants, seniors and older workers. We have several innovative partnerships with other community agencies, government bodies, the school district and community-minded businesses. These speak to the power of partnerships and working with our community towards a goal. Much of what we do would not be possible without the valued contributions of our partners, funders and volunteers.

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