This program supports young people to stay in school through recognition of achievements and overcoming personal challenges. While the program does recognize academic achievement, it is more focused on recognizing children and youth who work towards personal success while overcoming challenges and barriers. Recipients can be children and youth who are in elementary school, graduating from alternative programs, graduating from elementary or high school, or those who show commitment to community and are making a difference. The Stay in School Program is funded by the Children’s Aid Foundation and Scotia Capital.

Program Details

Stay in School Awards

  • Elementary and high school students who are eligible and stay in school can be nominated for an award
  • Award recipients will be eligible to receive a contribution towards their education and information on Registered Education Savings Plans.
  • Challenges overcome could include truancy, academic issues, former drop outs, successful transition from alternative classrooms to regular ones, successful transition from basic to general or advance courses, etc
  • We are also able to recognize participation in community and excellence in academics and sports
  • In addition, young people who overcome personal challenges including culture shifts, moving, family issues, grief and loss, or others are also eligible

Graduation Awards

  • Graduation Awards were established to recognize at-risk, disadvantaged students for meeting their education goals and successfully completing Grade 7 or Grade 12
  • The awards are $50 for Grade 7 and $100 for Grade 12
  • All students who meet the general eligibility outlined above and successfully graduate from Grade 7 or 12 are eligible to receive this award
  • They do not have to receive a Stay in School Award; the Graduation Award is an automatic award based on the recommendation of a staff person and confirmation of the committee

How to Participate

Teachers, counsellors, outreach workers, social workers, and/or teaching support staff may fill out an application to recommend student(s) who are deserving of a Stay in School Award and/or Graduation Award.

Applications for the 2020 Stay in School Awards are now open for nominations.

Attention: Please note that the application form must be filled out completely for each student in order to be considered for an award.

There are a limited number of awards available and not all applicants may receive an award. The awards committee who will review all submissions and select the recipients of the awards based on the eligibility criteria listed above. It is a competitive process and only those chosen by the committee will receive an award. Students who do receive an award are strongly encouraged to attend the annual awards ceremony.

Contact Information

Contact us with any questions at or by phone at 604.271.7600.

Click Here to access our 2020 nomination Form. Deadline for Nomination is July 31, 2020.

Please download and save the form to your desktop before you start filling out the nomination form.