Welcome to our New Podcast Series: FIRST STORIES: Tales from Turtle Island hosted by Matthew Dyck.

It’s hard to peg Dennis Allen as exclusively a filmmaker, or a musician, or a writer. Rather, Dennis weaves between all three with ease and comfort. From a long line of traditional Inuit story-tellers, Dennis took this ancient folk art of storytelling and shape-shifted it into award winning films, poignant songs, and dramatic writing. Winner of the Alanis Obomsawin Best Documentary Award; The Sally Manning Award for Non-Fiction Writing, and an Honorable Mention from the American Songwriter’s Competition, Dennis is a talented artist and gifted storyteller.

Episode 001 Let’s Connect with Christine McKenzie.

Episode 002 Let’s Connect with Michelle Zhou.

Host Matthew Dyck connects with Youth Employment Counsellor, Michelle Zhou. Conversation includes Michelle’s origin story, employment advice, and much more. Michelle can be contacted via her email: michelle.zhou@ccssociety.ca Special thanks to Children’s Aid Foundation, the Government of Canada, and RBC for making Youthworks possible.

Episode 003 Let’s Connect with Jesse Gardner.

Host Matthew Dyck connects with Indigenous Outreach/Support Worker, Jesse Gardner. Conversation includes a brief introduction to Jesse and what brought him to this work. Life experience and how it relates to social work, and much more. Jesse can be contacted via his email: ccss1@ccssociety.ca

Episode 004 Let’s Connect with Rebecca Sun.

Host Matthew Dyck connects with Lead Clinician for Supporting Families, Rebecca Sun. Conversation includes an overview of the services Supporting Families provide, Resilient Kids, and much more. For more information please go to: www.supportingfamilies.ca

Episode 005 Let’s Connect with Ning Huang

Host Matthew Dyck connects with Employment Program Coordinator, Ning Huang. Conversation includes employment strategies during pandemic, Youth Works, and much more. For more information please contact Ning at: ning.huang@ccssociety.ca

Episode 006 Let’s Connect with Shyama Priya.

Host Matthew Dyck connects with Indigenous Powwow Teacher, Shyama Priya. Conversation includes Shyama’s early beginnings in powwow, her teachers, performing on the world stage and much more. To register for virtual powwow classes Dec 2nd, 9th, 16th 4pm – please contact Ryan at: ryebones.elliot@ccssociety.ca Virtual Powwow Classes brought to you by The Wild Moccasin Dancers, Connections Community Services, and Richmond School District #38.

Episode 007 Let’s Connect with Jasmine Chou.

Host Matthew Dyck connects with Outdoor Early Childhood Educator, Jasmine Chou. Conversation includes the concepts behind forest school, simple activities to engage your kids in the great outdoors, and much more. Connect with Jasmine on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jasminexnature/

008 Let’s Connect with Manj Bath.

Host Matthew Dyck connects with CEO and Clinical Director of MindRight Counselling & Consulting, Manj Bath. Conversation includes an overview of services offered during pandemic, introduction to EMDR in regards to trauma, and much more. Connect with Manj at www.mindrightcounselling.com

Episode 009 Let’s Connect with Deanna Walker.

Host Matthew Dyck connects with Richmond Public Library Librarian, Deanna Walker. Conversation includes how the RPL adapted to continue services during pandemic, upcoming programs, and much more. Learn more about what the Richmond Public Library has to offer at www.yourlibrary.ca