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Connections Community Services



Making a gift to an organization like ours means that you believe in the same things we do. You believe that kids in our before and after school programs deserve top notch care. You believe that young people experiencing barriers to finding a job should get a helping hand to break down those barriers. You believe that our Indigenous friends have so much to teach us and share. And you believe that when you bring young people and seniors together, what they learn from each other is priceless.

Here’s how we helped little Nina.

When she arrived at our after-school program, Nina struggled. This was her first experience with care and she found herself isolated, frustrated and sad. She would often dissolve into tears of frustration when she could not connect with the other kids. Our program leader helped her try some new coping strategies and it wasn’t long before Nina was happy and building amazing friendships. Our team had the time, dedication and expertise to help. We did more than look after Nina, we helped her grow.

This is Jennifer’s story.

Before joining the program, Jennifer was not sure what she could even do and had very low self-esteem.  After a few sessions of counselling, she identified her dream career as a youth counsellor, and by exploring her skills and abilities, she began to feel more confident about herself. This led her to decide to pursue further education to achieve her goal. As her confidence grew, she found herself as a presenter at a conference, letting a big audience know about how to help youth in care transition. She wrote us an email saying, “Thank you for all your help, what you do is so important to us youth…”.

To help more people like Nina and Jennifer, make a donation today.