Indigenous Program


For many Indigenous people in North America the elk is seen as a symbol of resilience and the bringer of good omens. It is believed that the elk possesses the following positive attributes: Endurance, Awareness, Serenity, Family, and Security. We believe that these 5 attributes create the framework and best describe the guiding values on which ELK was founded.
It is through Education, Leadership, and a strong sense of Kinship that we strive to deliver these values as relevant services and programs to our participants.

About the

We serve the Indigenous community in Richmond and surrounding areas. You do not have to have status to receive services. We also work to educate and collaborate with the broader community to share Indigenous Knowledge and Culture.

Our Services.

Education – We offer Indigenous-led workshops and media to connect our urban Indigenous community to their culture. We also often open up these workshops so we can educate the community about Indigenous culture and traditions. Some of these include our powwow dancing and our podcasts.

Leadership – We connect with our community partners to collaborate and ensure Indigenous voices are included and heard. We also offer workshops for community partners on cultural awareness and protocol.

Kinship – At the heart of what we do is kinship, family support and community. We are here to connect the Indigenous families in and around Richmond to the supports and services they need. This includes assisting with educational, housing, health and crisis supports, as well as connecting to culturally specific programs, funding and services.

Contact Us.

Contact Information: Sue Street