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Connections Community Services

Our Strategic Planning Journey

Our strategic planning process has been a year-long journey and we are very excited to share the details of our new vision, mission, and values. We also developed nine strategic priorities that will focus on over the next three years.  

We worked closely with a strategic planning consultant, JP Baker from Vantage Point and Claudia Wong, an exceptional co-op student to launch the strategic planning process. One of the first outreach activities we conducted was an engagement survey, which was sent out to all our clients and volunteers. The survey aimed to assess and understand of the current needs of our the community. The results of the  survey can be found here.

In addition, we also hosted a values auction activity with staff with the goal of solidifying our beliefs as an agency. Our co-op student conducted additional preparatory activities which included an environmental scan and a competitive analysis. 

In June, we hosted three strategic planning sessions to discuss our values, evaluate and re-structure the organization’s vision and mission, and determine our key strategic objectives. The collected data and research contributed to our understanding of the needs and values of the community, and that, with the key discussions during our sessions, resulted in our final vision, mission, and value statements. 

We would like to thank all our clients, volunteers, staff, board members, JP from Vantage Point, and the community for their valuable contributions to our planning process. We are committed to realizing the vision and goals of this new path.