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Connections Community Services

Our Team


The mission of Connections Community Services is to work with people to strengthen the pathways and tools they need for improved well-being, opportunities for development, and human connection

We will work towards a better tomorrow by connecting our community and supporting our children, youth and families to thrive and reach for their dreams.

Sue Street


Sue has worked in not for profit for the majority of her career. Sue has fundraised for a variety of organizations in the lower mainland and her experience has crossed many sectors – the arts, education, and community service. Joining Connections last June has been a wonderful opportunity for Sue to work in the same community where she lives. She works with a devoted team of people who are a source of inspiration. When not at work, Sue spends time with her daughter, her dog and cat and her extended family and friends.

Jane Reed

Coordinator, Children’s Programs

Jane has been with Connections for over 25 years, working in various capacities with children and youth. Currently, she oversees our four before and after school programs located in Richmond and West Vancouver. Before coming to Connections, Jane worked in many youth-oriented settings, both residential and nonresidential, in Ontario, Alberta and BC. Outside of work she enjoys volunteering, travelling and sports (both as a participant and as a fan).

Daniel Suen

Coordinator, Youth Program

Daniel has many years of front-line experience in providing supportive counseling to countless youth and families regardless of status or conditions. He specializes in life skills coaching (i.e., leadership development, building self-esteem, improving communication skills, harm reduction, etc.). Also, he has been working as a Youth Program Manager and lead Case Manager & Employment Counselor for many years, acquiring substantial experience in both roles. In addition, Daniel also has extensive knowledge and experience in coordinating large events such as hiring fairs for over 3000 attendees, the annual Stay-in-School awards ceremony, local/overseas youth leadership & educational camps, community youth forum, and other special events and conferences. Furthermore, Daniel has been acting as a guest speaker for more than 10 years on a weekly radio youth talk-show called “Sharing Your Voice” at one of the local Asian broadcasting stations.

With his dedication and passion in serving the community, Daniel has received the “Best Quality Client’s Service Award” from the Family and Community Support Service in the province of Alberta and have also received awards for “Outstanding Contribution” for his work in youth programs.

Daniel’s goal is to provide encouragement and motivate today’s youth to make realistic and successful academic/career decisions as well as promoting personal development as well as positive community engagement. With extensive experience in serving the community, Daniel also has over 10 years of backstage experience working as a support in media production.

When it comes to other work experience, Daniel has been in banking, hospitality, real estate, and government sector work as well. He has been awarded with multiple “Top Sales” in real estate and “Best Customer Services” in different aspects. 

In his spare time, Daniel is much involved with organizing social events and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, badminton, and spending time with friends, family, and his dogs. He also commits himself to learning a new skill set every year and he has broad interests in many fields. Here are a few examples of skills from his past that he has learned: motorbiking, cosmetics, yoga, life insurance, bartending, etc. He is known to easily connect with people due to his contagious enthusiasm and his passion for helping others thrive!


Anisha Sarana

Coordinator, Employment Programs

Anisha has been with Connections for over 3 years. She started off as a Resource Advisor then Employment Counsellor for the Skills Link Program and is currently overseeing the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s Youth Works Program. Prior to Connections, Anisha was a Front-Line Mental Health and Outreach Worker for at-risk youth with a focus on employment and education. She has always had a passion for helping youth and believes in creating an empowered and prepared workforce.