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Connections Community Services

Our Team


The mission of Connections Community Services is to work with people to strengthen the pathways and tools they need for improved well-being, opportunities for development, and human connection

We will work towards a better tomorrow by connecting our community and supporting our children, youth and families to thrive and reach for their dreams.


Daniel Suen

Executive Director

Daniel is a highly accomplished professional with extensive
experience in youth counselling and program management. Throughout his career,
he has consistently provided invaluable support to numerous youths and
families, regardless of their circumstances. His expertise centers on life
skills coaching, covering essential areas such as leadership development,
self-esteem building, communication enhancement, and harm reduction strategies.

In addition to his counselling background, Daniel has
excelled in leadership roles, serving as both a Youth Program Manager and a
lead Case Manager & Employment Counsellor. His impressive track record
includes organizing large-scale events, such as hiring fairs, awards
ceremonies, overseas youth leadership camps, and community forums. Furthermore,
Daniel is a seasoned guest speaker, contributing to a weekly radio youth
talk-show, “Sharing Your Voice,” for over a decade on a local Asian
broadcasting station.

Daniel’s commitment to community service has earned him
recognition, including the “U-Roc Award” from the City of Richmond, the “Best
Quality Client’s Service Award” from the Family and Community Support
Service and accolades for his “Outstanding Contribution” to youth
programs. His overarching goal is to empower today’s youth by helping them make
informed academic and career choices, fostering personal growth, and promoting
community engagement.

Beyond his extensive community involvement, Daniel boasts a
diverse professional background, spanning banking, hospitality, real estate,
and government sectors. He has consistently received acclaim for his
exceptional sales skills and outstanding customer service. In his leisure time,
Daniel actively organizes social events and enjoys outdoor activities like
hiking, camping, and badminton. His commitment to continuous self-improvement,
coupled with a wide range of interests, including motorcycling, cosmetics,
yoga, life insurance, and bartending, reflects his passion for helping others
succeed and sets him apart in all his endeavors.

Susan Tang

Manager of finance

As a devoted Non-Profit Accountant, I am deeply committed to advancing the missions and objectives of charitable organizations. Holding the title of Certified Public Accountant (CPA), I am recognized for my meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to financial excellence. It is my privilege to collaborate with passionate teams to create a meaningful impact on the communities and individuals we serve. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, as well as going for walks, watching movies, and cooking.

YiHong Liang

project manager

My journey with Connections began as a group facilitator in various high schools in Richmond, where I had the privilege of fostering student growth and collaboration. As a childcare worker in the before and after-school program, I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of Education outside the classroom. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, providing me with a strong business and leadership principles foundation. Building on this knowledge, I earned my Master’s in Leadership with a specialization in Education. Today, I am working diligently behind the scenes, leveraging my diverse background in business and my unwavering passion for working with children to serve our community. I enjoy travelling, exercising, and spending time with family in my free time. 

Vince Shyong

Social Worker AT Richmond School District Alternate Programs

Vince is a social worker with over 25 years of experience. For the majority of his career, he has been an integral part of Connections Community Services and the Richmond School District Alternate Programs. His expertise lies in providing extensive support to youth dealing with a spectrum of challenges such as anxiety and mood disorders, substance use disorders, peer-related issues, and school refusal among others.

Vince also plays a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations of the alternate school, contributing significantly to coordination, program design, disciplinary interventions, and policy implementation. His influence extends to the creation of the innovative Street View Program, which offers Grade 11 and 12 courses to students requiring a different learning environment.

Jane Reed

Coordinator, Children Programs

Jane has been with Connections for over 25 years, working in various capacities with children and youth. Currently, she oversees our four before and after school programs located in Richmond and West Vancouver. Before coming to Connections, Jane worked in many youth-oriented settings, both residential and nonresidential, in Ontario, Alberta and BC. Outside of work she enjoys volunteering, travelling and sports (both as a participant and as a fan).

Vivian Zhang

team lead at caulfeild connections kids club

My name is Vivian Zhang. I started working at Connections since 2016 and I’m the team lead for the Connections Kids Club at Caulfeild. I enjoy working with Children because it brings me fulfillment, compassion, and fun experiences. When it comes to working with children, I am inspired by Reggio Emilia approach that children learn through play. I encourage children to use their senses to learn, explore, and imagine. I observed that children feel happy when they are surrounded with nature. I have a bachelor’s degree in China and ECCE certification in Canada. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my son by going hiking and cooking. 

Mikki Ho


Hiya all, my name is Mikki, the Team Lead at Blundell Connections Kids Club. This is my 5th year working as a Team Lead at Blundell. I have been working with school-aged children for more than 9 years. It’s my passion working with this witty group. I love the challenges they bring everyday, their curiosity drives me, their behaviour evokes me, their cuteness melts my heart. I graduated from SFU as a multimedia artist and few years later, I took the children and youth care diploma at MTI Community College. I have also taken Multiple Intelligence Instructor class that includes enneagram, emotional quotients, adversity quotients, and relationship garden. I was born in Hong Kong and immigrated here when I was young. Travelling is in my blood and photography is my passion. Travelling has broadened my vision and experience of what life is about. I am grateful and thankful for what I have. I love biking, vultures, food, nature, cars, people and PoGo. I am also a coffee addict; you might find me at a coffee shop enjoying my quiet time! My dream is to have my own photo book to showcase my travel experiences, to share the world through my lenses. These are my top 3 places that I visited; Africa, Antarctica and Tibet. I enjoy and love life simply and happily! I like to strive for better and learn new things all the time too. Looking forward working and sharing our stories with you all! Be compassionate & be kind, cheers for life!

Sally Tam


Hello, I am Sally the Team Lead of the Connections Kids Club – Tait location. I have been in the childcare field for 10+ years. I’m a licensed Early Childhood Educator. I have been working with children since 2008. I joined Connections Kids Club back in 2019. I love having the opportunity to guide and teach little minds. There is no better feeling than knowing you have helped to brighten a child’s day and seeing their faces and expressions while they discover and learn new things. I enjoy partnering with both families, staff and children to create an environment that is warm, welcoming and inspiring. I ensure children’s safety and give them positive guidance and problem-solving skills on a daily basis. My role involves challenges which I am able to overcome. My goal will be to promote the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of each child. 

Anisha Sarana

Program coordinator, Employment

Anisha’s journey at Connections spans over four years, characterized by her unwavering dedication to youth empowerment and community support. Currently, as the Employment Program Coordinator, she plays a vital role with the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, overseeing critical projects such as the Youth Works Program, the Internship Program, and the Youth Mental Health Program, all crucial to the foundation’s mission of uplifting and supporting youth transitioning out of government care to thrive. Before joining Connections, Anisha worked as a frontline Outreach Specialist, where she focused on providing educational and employment opportunities to at-risk youth. Beyond her professional and volunteer pursuits, Anisha enjoys travelling and spending quality time with her family and her dog.

Nancy Truong

team lead at cook connections kids club

Hello! My name is Nancy and I have a strong passion for helping others. I went to Seneca College in Ontario for the Social Service Worker Program and through my placements, I was able to acquire experience working with children, youth, and seniors living in vulnerable communities. After graduating, I was able to work with adults living with mental illness through an internship. During the pandemic, I found myself working in a lot of daycares, gaining experience working with infants and toddlers. Finally after having my baby daughter, I became a youth leader at the Boys and Girls Club, working with preteens and youth. After relocating to British Columbia, I was fortunate enough to become Connections’ new Team Lead at Cook Connections Kids Club. My only goal is to have a positive impact on the kids and to see them thrive! Fun fact: I love to dance!

Jeannie Jacobson

indigenous program assistant

I am the Indigenous Program Assistant and have been with Connections for over a year now. I am Kwaguilth from Port Hardy’s Gwa’Sala Nation. I am a mother of 5 children, I have lived on the lower mainland for the last 13 years. As a mother I’ve had the joy of being a part of the community, attending programs provided by Connections Community Services Society and many others including most of the Native Friendship Centers on Vancouver Island and in the lower mainland, when my children were young – now I am apart of the team. To see the Indigenous Family program grow from the start has been my dream goal. Connections is a wonderful place to be working for with such a supportive team. 

Kyla San Juan

Childcare Activity Worker

Kyla is one of the Before and After School Care Workers who began at Connections Community Services Society as a volunteer in 2018. While obtaining her B.A. in English, Kyla learned and gained experience in youth work and education by previously working as a Behaviour Interventionist and a volunteer mentor at the Generations Homework Club, which has helped her immensely as a childcare worker. Kyla strongly believes that education expands beyond school and has first-hand experience witnessing the power of learning from the community, regardless of age. When Kyla’s not at work, she is also not at home and enjoys travelling and learning about the world and its different fascinations.


Joei Yiu

Office Admin Support

Joei Yiu is a careful and persistent individual that has volunteered for CCSS for over six years. His perceptiveness and willingness to assist have helped CCSS with many projects. Even while working as a security monitor and a freelance writer/editor, he has taken large portion of his free time to volunteer and help with CCSS. Joei is always looking to expand his knowledge and help others in need.

Having an interest in writing, he has developed his skills in academic, business, literary, and creative writing, allowing him to understand and figure out the best way to write different pieces of work to match the situation presented.

Kenneth Wan

Program Support

Hello all, I am Kenneth and I am currently a high school student in Richmond, I have accumulated a lot of experience in holding events and programs in the past few years via multiple opportunities both in and out of school. Diligence and effective communication are some strengths of mine and I wish to hone them even more in the years of adventure to come.

With my volunteering opportunities here at Connections Community Services, I can help the ones in need with my thinking and action. Moreover, I can provide my colleagues with invaluable information regarding the youth’s opinions, which would further facilitate the quality of our overall service.

Ronica Ho

Human Resources Support

My name is Ronica Ho, and I am currently engaged as a Human Resource Volunteer. Prior to this, I held the position of Senior Supply Chain Specialist, accumulating over two decades of experience in the field while working across diverse roles in Asia.

My professional journey has primarily revolved around production and sourcing, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies within this domain. I have had the privilege of collaborating with international brands, developing a keen insight into the dynamics of the global market.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a strong commitment to collaboration, working closely with leadership and various teams to achieve collective goals. My passion for contributing to the success of organizations has been a driving force in my approach to work.

In encapsulating my professional philosophy, I adhere to the motto: “Enjoy Life in every moment.” This principle underscores my belief in the importance of embracing the present and finding fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Sandy Tang


I am a digital marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in multinational corporations. My expertise lies in user experience, digital and social media engagement and marketing analytics. I led several website & mobile app revamp projects that ultimately brought new customers and value to the businesses.

I treasure the chance to volunteer at Connections Community Services. Not only because I can do what I love but also help others by doing what I am good at. With my diverse background in business, I hope to bring a fresh way of communicating with the organization’s stakeholders.

Outside work and volunteering time, I enjoy hiking and camping with friends to embrace the beautiful nature.