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Connections Community Services

Station Stretch

About the

The Stretch Program provides support to youth ages 13 to 17 who struggle with academic troubles, social and emotional challenges, drug use, involvement with the justice system, and staying in school.

The objective of the program is to enable the student to complete grade 10 in four core subjects and re-enter the school system at a senior level. Students receive support to pursue their goals and education. One-to-one help is provided to resolve challenges at home, school or in the community.

The Youth and Family Counsellor position at Station Stretch alternative school in Richmond is the product of a partnership between the Richmond School District and Connections Community Services.

The purpose of our counsellor is to provide counselling and support services to youth ages 13-17 at Station Stretch who commonly struggle with academic troubles, social and emotional challenges, substance misuse, involvement with the justice system, or truancy.


Station Stretch is a Grade 9/10 school readiness program where students have the opportunity to “catch up” on the core academic courses as well as work on issues impeding their success at the larger high schools

Our Youth and Family Counsellor assists students by helping them reduce social/ emotional distress and develop life skills so that they can improve their school performance and meet the program expectations and guidelines

Virtually every student that attends Station Stretch receives some level of service, ranging from consultation and advocacy to intensive counselling

How To Participate.

Referral is required from a school-district area counsellor.

For more information, please contact 604.644.5538 or