Board Members

Jerry Huang – Director

Pam Khinda – Director

Mursal Khyabani – Director

Jag Madan – Interim Chair

Samina Tajwar – Director

Gary Ma – Interim Treasurer

Dennis Li – Director

Hanson Lau – Director

Board Mission Statement

“As the board of directors we will build on our assets to provide leadership, support and resources to make a positive impact in the lives of children, youth, families, our community and within ourselves.”

We are currently looking to add skills and experience to our Board and committees. We are looking for a number of roles to be filled that include:

  • Friend Raisers/Relationship Builders
  • Ambassadors
  • Event Representatives
  • Expertise on Projects/Activities
  • Door Openers /Fund Development
  • Supporting staff and management with asks
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Stewardship
  • Program and event volunteers

Some of the key roles we are looking to fill include:


  • CCSS informed people who like to come to events to spread the word about CCSS
  • Build and maintain relationships between partners/ stakeholders and CCSS
  • Take an interest learning about other people and their organizations
  • See potential opportunities for partnering or door opening
  • Collect the contact information and ideas for follow-up by staff and or committees
  • Find support or things needed by CCSS

Door Openers

  • Folks excited about CCSS and introducing the agency, programs and success to their contacts.
  • Enjoy finding potential opportunities with a win/win perspective (take an interest in us and benefit both parties)
  • Are comfortable exploring a lead or even making the initial ask – is this kind of thing potentially of interest and why? Or if not what kinds of things are a fit? How can I connect you to our staff?
  • Are willing to involve (some of) their contacts to see if our work would be a good fit for them or call people they think might be involved with a potential match.
  • Build the initial relationship and discover if there is a fit
  • Are interested in setting up strategic partnerships for CCSS or wish list items
  • Like a focused approach

To join the Board you need to become a member in good standing (click here for the application form). The nominating committee will then set up a time to meet with you, discuss your interest and what you will bring to the Board. We will also be able to answer any questions and set up a meeting with the CEO for more details on the day to day running of the Society. The nominating committee will then make a recommendation to the Board at which time you will come in and meet everyone and decide if you are interested in joining!