iStock_000040386646_XXXLargeWorking with local businesses and community partners is key to our success. Working with a community agency can be a key part of positioning your organization as a community leader, positively impact your staff team and support your overall marketing and promotion strategy.

Raise the profile of your organization and make a difference in the community where you work. There is no better way to raise your company’s social profile than to give back through community action. Community action can be sponsorship, providing human capital through staff volunteers and working with us to develop and deliver community programs and activities that make a real difference for children, youth and families.

We have a number of opportunities and types of activities that you can get involved with and make a difference! We serve people of all ages and backgrounds. Your company can sponsor kids in after-school programs, support breakfast clubs, help at risk children, youth and families, support new immigrants, encourage seniors to be engaged in their community and help the youth of today become the leaders of tomorrow!

Your investment provides incredible value, because it demonstrates your commitment and involvement within your community, supports real people that are or could be new clients and builds a sense of pride and engagement within your organization and staff team. Work with us to help build your brand and create positive change. Whether you are a small locally-owned business or a multi-national corporation, we have sponsorship opportunities that we can tailor to meet your needs and have a measureable impact on people in the community you work in.

To find out how you can get involved give us a call or send us an email.

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As a community business it is important for us to be involved. We talked with staff about what type of service and work was a priority for them. They wanted to help out at risk youth. Some of our staff came from challenging backgrounds and wanted to give back. We held a day long event where we collected donations and gave part of the proceeds of the business that day to Connections. As a result we were able to raise 1500 dollars! Connections staff were so thankful, after discussions we asked them to put it towards homework clubs for at risk kids.
We have been a corporate partner with Connections for over 3 years. The work they do has been amazing, and we are always kept informed on the work they do and how our support makes a difference. Last year we were able to attend a stay in school awards ceremony and meet with over 30 kids that were helped by our funding and have stayed in school and have big plans for their future!
We knew we wanted to make a difference in our community. It was great that Connections sat down with us, explored our priorities and what we were looking to achieve. After we talked we wanted to support the Aboriginal child and family programs. We were so happy with the work they did and our staff had a chance to join in on some of the cultural activities!
Having an opportunity for our staff to come out and run a breakfast club was great! Everyone had a great time, and as a result the staff raised some money to help the program out. Staff are still talking about it 6 months later!